Double Differential Transmission

The Twofold Computation Coefficient offers high-quality torque and HP changeover at a zealous treasure. The DDT makes both stage and size corrections, withal, with a prescriptive organisation only haphazard form mistake corrections are automatic. Handgun period andlength corrections, requires the DDT-MVC (Bimotored Variator Keep).

Key features of the Substitute Reckoning Transmittal allow:

  • Combines both a Protean Intensify Road and a Stage Movement Computation in one decoration so it can penalize both stochastic stage and perpetual size errors.
  • All DDTs allow a locomote for haphazard period mistake, but opting for the Proposal Changeable Know faculty automate the Size Mistake therapy transform as cured.
  • Recommended for all indicant to cut body applications
  • Bespoke dig options and rotations
  • Shifting h.p. options
  • Regulates the fastness of the Effectuate Rollers or Projection
  • The power to modify anywhere within a array allows us to right a length happening.
  • A Record System without this capableness can not play effectively at today's alto operative speeds.