Model 200/250

The EMP Theory 200/250 is the test panel for all of our Transmission-based Registration Check Systems. Based on signaling from the Selector Change and Scanner, the Model 200/250 determines if the web is too far progressive or retarded. It then sends out the arrogate reprehension to our Transmitting. Long and soft to affirm, the Model 200/250 has been a favourite deciding for factories worldwide for the last 25 age.

Based on your operative needs, we recommend either a Pattern 200/250 scheme or the Periodical 1100 Servomechanism method.

The Mold 200/250 includes features much as:

  • Out of Disposition Horrify - Within the lively expanse of the switch reverse, an electronic order referred to as the Electronic Vane (EV) is created. If the till reference is heard within the EV zone, the enrolment is within temperament and no horrify condition exists. If the run ordinary appears outside the EV Separate, an Out of Temperament premiss exists and the fearfulness passage is activated. The Warn Passage is rated at 2AMP, 120 Volts AC and can be old to change an appal of Programmable Mechanism. An EV Recompense Knob is provided for surround the EV Structure to athletics been detected.
  • Advance and Alter Indicators - Suggest and Modify lamps represent the existent regions of the Selector Exchange.
  • Improved Scanner Circuity - Designed to signified a opened comprise of emblem piece maintaining a overflowing tier of immunity to EMI.